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Michael Kohn, Psy.D.
Hello. I am a licensed clinical psychologist experienced and interested in working with clients across the full spectrum of mental health difficulties, ranging from long-established struggles to short-term crisis. I approach therapy by guiding clients to their strongest selves. I have found that within the therapeutic process people can find a core strength that is somewhere within everybody -- with some it is just more protected than with others -- and that there are evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help access this center of strength and calm. I know stepping into therapy can seem scary and uncertain, but with a therapeutic approach that welcomes all the parts of a person people can see for themselves the essential strength and goodness they have within necessary for change.

My Story

About Dr. Kohn:
Born and raised in Virginia, Dr. Kohn attended Old Dominion University to earn his Bachelor' s Degree in Psychology.  For graduate school he then attended Florida Institute of Technology where he earned his Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. After finishing graduate school in Florida, he returned to his beloved Norfolk to complete an internship at EVMS. After a rotation at Eastern State Hospital and falling in love working within the complex intersection of serious mental illness and forensic psychology, he took a full-time position at Eastern State Hospital working with individuals adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, ultimately taking the position of Forensic Coordinator. He held this position of Forensic Coordinator for over 10 years before making the decision to depart a mental health system that seemed too broken to change. Upon leaving Eastern State Hospital Dr. Kohn took a position with Veterans Affairs, concentrating on individual therapy with Veterans struggling with mental health issues ranging from minor to severe, all primarily within the realm of trauma. Veterans became the next population he fell in love with, wherein he saw the power of individual therapy to help individuals find the strength that is at the heart of their true self. Dr. Kohn rejects disease-based models of treatment, but instead adheres to a person- and strength-based model of change and growth.

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