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Psychotherapy is a service offering clients a safe, understanding, non-judgmental environment wherein to discuss their struggles, discover more about themselves, and gain a level of self-awareness that leads to sustained positive changes in their lives. It can occur individually, with couples, with families, and with groups of all of these (ex: groups of couples; see the Announcements page for information about our current or upcoming groups). 

People present for therapy for all sorts of reasons, but often it is because they are struggling with some aspect of their lives, such as with themselves (identity, acceptance, unhappiness, self-esteem), socially/romantically (lack of relationships, unhealthy/unsafe relationships), education/career (lack of, unhappy with....). Sometimes these struggles lead to depression, anxiety, anger, aggression, substance abuse, and/or problems in life such as with the legal system or their families or jobs, etc. At KP we believe that all struggles can be at least somewhat helped by therapy.

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