Kessler Psychological, LLC

Psychotherapy and Evaluation Services

Virginia Beach, VA


** Adult Interpersonal Process Therapy Group ** 

Monday Evening Group: 6:30-8 pm (recruiting and running)
Monday Morning Group: 9:30-11 am (recruiting to start) 
Wednesday Evening Group: 6-7:30 pm (full and running)
Thursday Morning Group: 10:30-12 pm (full and running)

In this group, members: gain a better understanding of themselves by interacting with, and receiving feedback from, others; experience a sense of belonging and acceptance; and learn how to process their own experiences in healthier ways. This is an ongoing group that maxes at 6 members..

**Adolescent Interpersonal Process Therapy Group**


This group is similar to the adult IPP group as members will learn about themselves, learn how to better interact with others and cope with difficulties, and experience belonging and acceptance--however, this group will be topic-run and time-limited.

Note: These IPT groups are not diagnosis-geared; they are meant to cast a wide net to help support those who struggle with social, emotional, behavioral, and/or interpersonal issues. 

**Transgender Support Group**

Every Other Thursday: 5:10-6:30pm

This group is for individuals who self-identify as trans, and are interested in joining a support group with other individuals with nonconforming gender identities and expressions. This is an open and ongoing, non-structured group. This group has no limit on the number of attendees, and is conducted on a drop-in basis, after a scheduled 30-minute initial intake.